AMT67D AMT67DL Leeb Hardness Tester

Product Description

AMT67D AMT67DL Leeb Hardness Tester
1. Intelligent simple: No key "fool" type operation, directly shows the most commonly used on the Leeb scale and Rockwell values.
2. Small and portable: Small, portable instrument, integrated design without connecting cables, improves the reliability
3. OLED display: Can clear display under direct sunlight, suitable for all kinds of lighting conditions
4. Born colorful: Self-expression with unique colors, show the unique personality
5. Accurate Measurement: High precision of measurement circuit guarantee value error for ±0.5%(HLD=800), repetition rate value for 0.8%
6. Support for multiple hardness standard: HL, HV, HRA, HRC, HRB, HB, HS
7. Massive capacity data storage: The unprecedented mass storage leads the technology trend. It can save 270 hardness measurement data, each group including average, hardness standard .
8. Support ‘forged Steel’ material: When impact type D device test sample "forged steel,” it can be read directly HB values, without manual look-up table. Hardness value is preset upper and lower limit, automatic alarm beyond the scope, convenient for the user batch testing.
9. Charge as you want: USB charging, compatible with most cell phones and other digital product interface.

1. Materials and range
Material Hardness
Impact Device
Steel and cast steel
HRC 17.9~68.5 20.6~68.2
HRB 59.6~99.6 37.0~99.9
HRA 59.1~85.8  
HB 127~651 81~646
HV 83~976 80~950
HS 32.2~99.5 30.6~96.8
Steel HB 143~650  
CWT, ST HRC 20.4~67.1  
HV 80~898  
Stainless steel HRB 46.5~101.7  
HB 85~655  
HV 85~802  
HB 93~334  
HB 131~387  
C.ALUM HB 19~164  
HRB 23.8~84.6  
BRASS HB 40~173  
HRB 13.5~95.3  
BRONZE HB 60~290  
COPPER HB 45~315  

2. Testing direction: High accurate in any impact direction.
3. Range: HLD: 170~960; HRC: 17.9~69.5; HB: 19~683; HV: 80~1042; HS: 30.6~102.6; HRA: 59.1~88; HRB: 13.5~101.7
4. Hardness standards: HL, HV, HRA, HRC, HRB, HB, HS
5. Accuracy: HLD +-0.5% (800 HLD)
6. Display: 128 x 64 OLED 
7. Size: 148 x 40 x 30mm
9. Power: Rechargeable Lithium Battery with about 10 hours working time.

Impact Device:
1. The impact energy: 11mJ
2. Impact of body mass: 5.5g (AMT67D); 7.2g (AMT67DL)
3. Ball hardness: 1600HV
4. Ball diameter: 3mm
5. Material of the ball: tungsten carbide
6. Impact device diameter: 20mm
7. Impact device length: AMT67D: 147mm; AMT67DL: 205mm
8. Weight of the device: 50g
9. The maximum hardness: 940HV
10. Surface average roughness Ra: 1.6μm
11. The minimum weight of specimen:
    1) Direct measurement: >5kg
    2) Stable support: 2~5kg
    3) To compact coupling: 0.05~2kg
12. The minimum thickness of specimen: 
    1) Dense coupling: 5mm
    2) The minimum depth of hardened layer: ≥0.8mm
13. Indentation size:
    1) The hardness of 300HV: The indentation diameter: 0.54mm; Depth: 24μm
    2) The hardness of 600HV: The indentation diameter: 0.54mm; Depth: 17μm
    3) The hardness of 800HV: The indentation diameter: 0.35mm; Depth: 10μm
14. Impact device applicable scope: DL measures on elongated slot or hole; D measures conventional surveying.