Double Side Automatic Edge Banding Machine NB6S2II

Product Description

1. “Dog-head” mechanism to ensure the parallel running of each panel to prevent any displacement due to vibration and slipping;
2. Pre-melt unit containing pre-heated glue ready for final heating simultaneously dispensing to glue application unit to capture in shortest time evenly applying glue on panel;
3. Equipped with edge tape detecting device.
Model NB6S2II
panel length  ≥90mm
panel width 285-2550mm
panel thickness 10-50mm
edge tape width  
edge tape thickness  0.4-3mm
feeding speed  12-22m/min
frequency  200Hz
required air pressure  0.6MPa
total power  37.6KW
overall dimensions 7670×3900×1950mm
net weight  10170kg