SCF1300 Curve Surface Sander

Product Description

SCF1100 curve surface sander specializes in polishing doors, cabinet doors, furniture etc. Thant is the ideal solution for different sanding applications including whitewood, colour-wood and lacquer sanding. It has 5 sanding system with own control inverter.
Working Width 50-1300 mm
Working Thickness 10-100 mm
Working Length ≥250 mm
Brush Plate Speed 60 ~ 300 rpm
Brush Plate Swing 20 ~ 60 Times/min
Brush Roller Speed 100 ~ 450 rpm
Feeding Speed 4 ~ 18m/min
Total Motor 32.6 kW
Main Motor 1.5kW x 2, 4kW x 3
Working Air Pressure 0.6 Mpa
Compressed Air Consumption 0.01m3/min
Volume of Sucked Air 10000m3/h
Speed of Sucked Air 20 ~ 22m/s
Dimensions 3920 x 2290 x 2265 mm
Net Weight 5400kg