TCCA (Trichloroisocyanuric Acid)

Product Description

TCCA (Trichloroisocyanuric Acid)
Chemical Formula: C3O3N3CL3
Physical-chemical character: It is a white crystal powder, having a pungent smell of hypochlorous acid. When it meets acid-base. it resolves and when it meets reducer and part of organism, it reacts actively, with solubility in water of 1.2gram/100 gram (25°C).
Main Use: It is a kind of high-effective dishinfectants, germ-killing agents and bleaching agents, widely used in family and public hygienic places for disinfecting and germ-killing facilities. in industry, it can be used as an agent for treating water, in textile industry, as an agent for printing, dyeing and bleaching, and in fish breeding and poultry raising. for disinfecting, germ-killing and prevention diseases.
Forms: powder, granular (8-30mesh/20-40mesh) and tablet (15/20/30/50/100/150/200/250/500grs tablet).
Packing: 1/5/10/20/25/50kgs drum, 1000kgs big bags etc.
Available chlorine: 90.0% min.
Moisture content: 0.5% max
pH Value (1pct solution): 2.7-3.3