DO-609L Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Product Description

Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-609L

1. Support TFT touch colorful screen and navigation bar
2. Support measurement DO concentration, DO Saturation, DO current and temperature value
3. Support DO probe manage to five probes, to store 20 sets calibration data for every one DO probe
4. Support storing 2000 or 1000 measurement value with view function
5. Meet GLP norm
6. Support ID management
7. Support USB and Firmware Upgrade function
8. Long Standby Time
1. Range: 
    1) DO: 0.00~90.00mg/L
    2) DO Saturation: 0.0~600.0%
    3) Temperature: -5.0~130.0ºC
2. Accuracy: 
    1) DO: ±0.10mg/L
    2) DO Saturation: ±2.0%FS
    3) Temperature: ±0.1ºC
3. Temperature Compensation: Auto 0.0~50.0ºC
4. Salinity Calibration: Manual 0.0~50.0g/L
5. Barometric pressure: Auto 50.0~110.0KPa
6. Power supply: Li-on DC 3.8V