LF006(600m),LF007(1500m) Digital Laser Rangefinder

Product Description

Digital Laser Rangefinder LF006 (600m), LF007 (1500m)

LF006: 5-600m
LF007: 5-1500m
1. New advanced rangefinder, standard, golf,hunt and Rainy four modes changeable. come with nearer object priority and further object priority models 
2. Magnification: 6x 
3. Objective dia.: 25mm 
4. Focusing: eyepiece focusing 
5. Field of view: 122m/1000m 
6. Measure theory: semi-conductor laser, no harm to eyes 
7. Measure distance: 5-600m/5-1500m 
8. Measure tolerance: +/- 1 m 
9. Reading: LCD 
10. Size: 115x45x75 mm 
11. Weight: 235g