Product Description

● Compact design; Easy to handle, these lightweight and compact stirrers need little room and are quickly recognizable on busy benches
● Adjustable stirring speed functions: flexible speed adjustment, using control buttons, multi-speed
● Timing mixing function: 4 files regular time (30,60,90 minutes and without timer)
● 25 degrees Celsius reminder function: Connect the temperature sensor, the measured solution reaches 25 degrees Celsius, the automatic alarm to remind the user can perform the corresponding operation
● AC-DC, a battery low voltage alarm function.
● It can be carry and field use.
● Configuring strut and the electrode holder, It can be as Agitation type Electrode stand to use
Speed Range: 0~2300 rpm
Maximum Stirring Capacity: 1000ml
Dimensions for working area: 100mm x 100mm
Environment: 0~50°C
Timing Range: 0~90 minutes
Maximum Operating Current: 150mA
Maximum Power Consumed: 0.9W
Installing Size: Φ16mm and Φ13mm
Space for up and down: 0~250mm
Power Supply: DC6V or 4 x 1.5V (AA Batteries)
Dimensions: 100 x 146 x 48 mm 
Weight: 340g