Dry Ice Temperature Data Logger DL179-1

Product Description

•Ultra Low Operating Temperature: -85°C (-121°F)
•Can be Placed in Direct Contact with Dry Ice
•No External Probes or Wiring
•Connect with PC to read and print directly
•High Accuracy
•Splash Resistant (IP64)
•Software support in English version and Chinese version
•°F/°C switch freely
•Dual data encryption technology to ensure data is real 
•Temperature Range: -121°F ~104°F, -85°C ~40°C
•All accuracy: +/-1°F/ + 0.5°C
•Resolution : 0.01°F/ 0.01°C
•Data Capacity: 32000 group
•Download speed: less than 5 seconds
•Storage life: no less than 5 years
•Start: Press the start button three seconds
•Battery: 3.6V, 0.7Ah cryogenic industrial batteries.
•Operating instructions: the red indicator flashes after starting
•Dimensions: 9cm * 3.4cm * 1.3cm
•Weight: 40g
•Shockproof performance: 1 meter drop testing