Coating Thickness Gauge AMF117

Product Description

Coating Thickness Gauge AMF117
1.Menu operation and colo-screen HD display.
2.Non-magnetic coating thickness measurement on magnetic metal substrate surface.
3.Two measurement methods: single measurement, continuous measurement.
4.Three calibration modes: basic, offset, zero calibration.
5.Metric/imperial unit and storage function.
6.Screen rotation, charge protection,  multi-interface displays, screen brightness selection.
7.Automatic shutdown.
1. Measurement range: 0~1800um/0~70.9mil
2. Resolution: 0.1μm (<100μm); 1μm (≥100μm); 0.1mil; 0.001mm
3. Measurement error: ≤150μm: ±5μm; >150μm: ±3%H+1μm
4. Minimum diameter of magnetic metal substrate: 12mm
5. Minimum thickness of magnetic metal substrate: 0.5mm
6. Minimum radius of curvature for magnetic convex substrate: 2mm
7. Minimum radius of curvature for magnetic concave substrate: 11mm
8. Battery: 3x1.2V NiMH battery (weight 36.5g) or 5V1A power adapter
9. Size: 70.30*38.6*149.59mm
10. Weight: 136.9(including battery)